Work/Life Strategies To Keep Working Parents Working



You need your employees with dependent caregiving needs related to their children to be engaged and productive at work.

Your employees need their children with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities, and mental health issues from kindergarten through college graduation to be doing well in school.

We’re addressing both.


The Impact

8-14% of your workforce have children who are struggling in school often for 12+ years.

Recruitment, absenteeism and retention issues emerge.

Top performers leaving the workforce or seeking alternative employment due to these work/life conflicts.



Your child has one

When their needs are complex and require special education services and supports, navigating school becomes a major work/life challenge, requiring expertise and support.

We're providing both.

Employees with children struggling in school are employees who are struggling at work.  We’re working to end both.

- Debra Isaacs Schafer

Helping Companies

We help companies respond to diverse workforce needs.

Helping Parents

We help working parents navigate the special education arena.

Helping Children

We help ensure that all children can achieve success in school. 

You have needs. We have answers.