8-14% of your employees...
Working parents of children from preschool through college with
Autism, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities, and similar differences.

In an organization with 1,000 employees, that's 80-140 people.
With 5,000 employees, it's 400-700 people.
CEO's and support staff.  Moms & Dads.
The numbers are staggering.

We provide coaching and advocacy support for working parents of children with 
special education needs.  

Employee benefits and
work/life programming to help parents navigate the education arena.

Employee engagement, productivity, and retention issues.

Our services, programs, and tools target the problems and provide the solutions.

Through low-cost, high-utilization company-subsidized and voluntary benefits,
we "ease the pain" for organizations and their most important resource ... their people.

The issues facing employers today have never been more complex.
Rising costs, increased competition, and higher expectations for employees to achieve bottom-line results.  

For employees, the work/life demands have never been more urgent.
Work, family, children, aging parents, finances, health ... it ebbs and flows on a daily basis.

For employees with children in special education, the burdens are overwhelming.
12+ years of time, money, and effort to access the services and supports their children need to succeed.

The workplace impact.
Absenteeism ... Lost hours ... Lack of focus ... Leaves of absence ... Work/life crises.

Some Quick Statistics...

  • 5 million children in the U.S. with special needs.

  • 48% of working parents with a special needs child are forced to leave the workforce.

  • 11 hours per week is the average time working parents spend coordinating care for their child with special needs.

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July 2012

Employee Benefit Adviser - "New Benefit Helps Parents Navigate Special-Needs Education"


April 2012

Recognition by WorldatWork and the Alliance for Work-Life Progress -- "2012 Rising Star" award.  Presented at their annual conference in Phoenix, AZ  (April 16-18) for professional and personal contributions to the work-life arena.

August 2011

HRIQ - "Employees With Special Needs Children: No Longer Flying Under The Radar"


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