Smart companies know ...
Employee engagement and productivity are directly tied to addressing work/life needs, but some needs are hidden.

Employees who have children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADD/ADHD, learning disabilities and other “hidden differences” are struggling on a daily basis to meet their work demands while also addressing the needs of their children.

Education Navigation specializes in helping companies remain competitive by addressing the special education and special needs issues facing employees whose children are struggling in school.

We offer real solutions.

We are specialists.  

We understand the business issues.

We understand special education and special needs issues like no other.  

Whether our services are company-sponsored or voluntary benefits, we can help.


Helping Companies

We help companies respond to the diverse and changing needs of their workforce.

Helping Parents

We help parents with children from preschool through college navigate the complex special education arena.

Helping Children

We help teach and coach parents to become effective parent advocates so their children can succeed in school.