Enough already...

NBC news tonight reported about a father from Florida who had enough with the bullying directed at his daughter.  What did he do?  Walked onto the school bus and basically said "enough" to the students.  How many of us would have either liked to have done the same or would like to do the same (or more) today? The report also raised some sobering statistics -- 85% of children with special needs report being bullied and over 150,000 children do not attend school for fear of the same.  When do we say enough already?  When do we do more than state that a school is an "anti-bullying" environment or simply provide a program addressing the issue.

When do we truly begin to focus on what is creating children who find the need to bully...to make other children feel "less than"...to physically and emotionally torture peers for fun.  What needs to happen beyond what we have already either witnessed from our homes on TV or have experienced with our own children to say "enough already."

The risks are increasing and the interventions -- while they appear to be on the rise -- are not getting at the root of the problem.  Something is terribly wrong and we need to figure out new solutions.  We have a responsibility to our children both individually and collectively to intervene on a new level and to end this madness once and for all.