End of Year Musings

Something happens at the end of a year.  People make resolutions that are often not kept.  Friends decide to become friends again...if only for a short while.  And parents hope for a better year for themselves and their children. I, on the other hand, see the start of a new year as a continuation yet one with possibilities for a better tomorrow.  Continuing to work with parents of children with learning differences and to work with students moving toward the end of their high school education is nothing short of life-changing.  Few things can quite compare to knowing that your efforts have changed a life and if helping parents means helping their children, life is good.

My hope for the new year is that more parents become empowered to truly help their children succeed in school.  Eliminating the confusion and fear associated with advocacy is another hope as without adults willing and able to stand up for children, those with the most to lose (i.e. the children) will continue to struggle.

We as adults have the ability to do miraculous things.  It takes determination, guts, passion, and an unwillingness to accept failure as an option.  Each of us...adults and children alike...are individuals and as such, we need to accept the differences and work to ensure that every one of us -- particularly the children -- have an equal opportunity to succeed.

It might sound like talk but it's actually reality.  Success is defined differently for each of us, true, yet show me one child who doesn't want to read or who doesn't want a friend and I'll show you a flying car.  Stand by your children and let them know that you will carry them through whatever comes because this is what makes a parent a parent.

Happy New Year to all...