It's College Acceptance Time


Spring...the time of year when college acceptances are arriving and parents and teens are celebrating, as you definitely should, and making decisions about the fall.  It's a time of excitement, nerves, and preparation with congratulations to you as parents and to your child as well.

When your child has had an IEP or 504 in school, the transition process requires more than buying dorm supplies to help ensure a smooth transition.  Discussions with Disability Services are an important part of the planning and preparation process, for it's this department that makes decisions about college accommodations, an essential part of helping to ensure your child's needs are supported. 

Many parents have spent years advocating for their children's needs in school, and see college as a major transition point for them as well - no more IEP and 504 meetings.  And while this is true, your job isn't quite finished in this regard.

To help organize critical information for your discussions with Disability Services, we've created a simple worksheet - College Navigator - that captures three key areas - needs, strengths, and possible accommodations.  Most important are needs and accommodations, because addressing what your teen has received in school will help in their decision-making process in terms of what may be needed in college.

You've played an integral role in helping your child navigate through school and its challenges, but your work isn't finished.  Establishing a positive connection with Disability Services - and this definitely means including your soon-to-be college freshman in your initial discussion as they will be self-advocating moving forward - will help make this major milestone one to truly be celebrated.