Employees are facing increasing work/life demands leading to difficult choices and decisions.

This is particularly true for working parents whose children have special needs and are struggling in school. The chronic & crisis issues are monumental and are often hidden from view.

  • Do you know how many of your employees have children with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, or similar needs?

  • Did you know that these employees spend 10+ hours per week during the workday handling their children’s school issues?


Human Resources and Benefits leaders need to know how these work/life challenges impact employee retention, engagement, and wellness.  

Navigating through school demands time, expertise and flexibility, three things many working parents lack.  Our work/life solutions can make all the difference. 

Help your employees manage their lives outside of work so they can be more productive at work.

MORE THAN 50% of working caregivers

are reluctant to tell their managers about their caregiving responsibilities and 39% leave their jobs entirely.


Our Services

  • Employee Surveys - know what's happening in your workplace
  • Individual Employee Consultations - provided remotely and/or onsite
  • Solutions in 60  - speaking, training, panel discussions, webinars, and ERGs
  • Voluntary Benefits - payroll-deduction or direct pay options at a corporate rate
  • Management Training - work/life strategies for workplace leaders and managers

The Benefits

  • Improvements in work/life integration
  • Increased retention and employee engagement
  • Decreased absenteeism and turnover
  • Fewer disruptions in the workplace
  • Increased awareness to "normalize" the issues
  • Our Work/Life Benefits Checklist will help you evaluate the possibilities.

Education Navigation partners with companies small and large including PricewaterhouseCoopers, West Pharmaceuticals, InterDigital, Credit Suisse, and Cigna to develop and provide cost-effective, customized work/life and employee assistance solutions including Voluntary Benefits.

Employee needs are diverse, and robust work/life and benefits offerings make a measurable difference.


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