Confidentiality Agreement

Education Navigation, LLC and its representatives hold all discussions, meetings, written communications, notes, records, files, reports, and other information shared by the parent/guardian signed below including but not limited to the special education/special needs issues of the child/children as strictly confidential.

The parent/guardian understands that Education Navigation, LLC does not provide clinical and/or legal counsel and that any and all decisions regarding pursuing and securing clinical and/or legal assistance including but not limited to the selection of such assistance and costs incurred in this regard are the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian.

Any and all documents including but not limited to: IEPs, 504s, Evaluation Reports, independent clinician reports, specialist reports, school progress reports and report cards, and all related material and information used in the development of the child's educational program and/or plan will be reviewed either partially and/or in its entirety only with this signed agreement.  This includes the review of documents whether via cyber consultations (i.e. telephone, e-mail, Skype) and/or via on-site consultations at the company location or off-site locations.  All materials presented and reviewed must be copies only as Education Navigation, LLC may mark the documents for discussion and review purposes.  The parent/guardian understands that this confidentiality agreement can be challenged if legal action requires such and/or if issues related to the well-being of the child are involved.