Autism. ADHD. Learning disability. Mental health.

When these words relate to your child, life changes in immeasurable ways.

Work, family, finances, time, and your own well-being take on new meaning.  And urgency.

Add to this your newly-acquired role of "parent advocate," and work/life demands intensify.  Your commitment to your job remains, yet your focus becomes helping your child succeed at theirs…school.


Education Navigation is all about school.  We're specialists helping working parents navigate the special education arena from kindergarten through college graduation.

Whether your child was recently diagnosed or identified years ago, we focus on evaluations, IEPs, 504s, school placement, transition planning, college preparation & accommodations and more.

We help you decipher documents, prepare for meetings, develop education plans, and teach you to use business skills and strategies to effectively advocate for your child in school.

We increase your competence and confidence.
We reduce the time you're spending managing your child’s issues at school.
We take you from where you are to where you need to be.


We work directly with your employer to bring our services to you.

Sharing information with your H.R. and Benefits department will get the ball rolling.  


Life Realities

  • Chronic and crisis issues frame daily living

  • Individualized support is essential

  • Family life becomes unpredictable

  • Work/life demands intensify

  • Finances are strained

  • Stress is unyielding

  • Parenting defines all else

      Exceptional caregiving becomes your new reality.

Coaching and Advocacy Services

  • Individual employee/working parent consultations

  • Educational documents review

  • Services and supports evaluation

  • School placement

  • Transition planning

  • College preparation and planning

  • Extended family support

     Our employee benefits target your specific needs.