Employees are the foundation of every business.

Engagement, productivity and retention all directly relate to supporting diverse work/life needs.  And while some are known, others are hidden.  Yet no longer.

We provide work/life and employee assistance to working parents whose children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, learning disabilities or mental health issues.  Our focus is school and helping struggling children succeed.

Working parents spend the most time navigating through the complex special education arena as they work to advocate for their children's needs in school.  Education is what we do, and we do it through flexible, company-provided services or voluntary benefits. 

Here’s how we do it:

  • Parent Coaching  individual sessions, both onsite and remote
  • Consulting ‣ individual and small group sessions
    ‣ Work/life integration, workplace flexibility, beyond parental leave, challenges facing working parents
  • Training  customized onsite and online programs
    ‣ Parent advocacy and special education, supporting working caregivers, employees with hidden disabilities...just to name a few

We are management and employee support specialists.

We help companies striving for "best company" recognition.

We enable working parents to remain productive employees.  

 Working parents with Special education Special needs children including  Autism ADHD Learning disabilities  Employee benefits Employee assistance Employee  support Voluntary benefits. How this affects your company 8-14 % of your workforce are dealing with these issues impacting recruitment, absenteeism and retention. The needs are often 12+ years of an employee's life while their children are in school and far longer. Growing number of top performers are leaving the workforce or are reducing thier work hours due to these work life conflicts. 

Helping Companies

We help companies respond to diverse workforce needs.

Helping Parents

We help working parents navigate school and the special education arena.

Helping Children

We help ensure that all children can achieve success in school.