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        Jiangsu Suqian man-made board exports grow against the trend

        Time: 2020-11-03

        [China Flooring Network] News

        Suqian, Jiangsu is the famous "Hometown of Poplars" in my country. The Suqian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and the local government jointly cultivate export enterprises with agglomeration advantages, an industry role, and a driving effect, and transform the traditional pillar industries into export advantages. The "Made in Suqian" plates sell well in more than 60 countries in Europe, America, Japan, Korea and Africa. Countries and regions. From January to October this year, 6576 batches of man-made panels were exported with a value of 362 million U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 5.54%.

        Most of the export enterprises have developed from family workshops, and there are hidden worries that the quality management system is not sound enough, the product grade is not high, and the price competition is vicious. On the basis of the local government's promotion of enterprise transformation and upgrading, and industrial integration and innovation, Suqian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau took the establishment of "Integrity Suqian" as an opportunity to implement integrity management and classified management for all sheet export enterprises, and the quality management system is operating well and product quality is stable. Of companies reduce the frequency of on-site inspections and reduce the cost of product clearance. The inspection and quarantine department also goes deep into the production workshop to help the company investigate risks, establish an effective management system and self-inspection and self-control plan. At the same time, it carries out enterprise personnel quality management training, regularly carries out benchmarking quality improvement activities, and organizes on-site learning and face-to-face learning The company's awareness of product quality has continued to increase, and the brand industry concept has gradually become firmer, effectively promoting industrial development. In April this year, three consecutive batches of flooring from a company in the jurisdiction were returned at one time. The inspection and quarantine personnel quickly guided the company to improve the processing technology, improve the storage conditions, and effectively improve the quality level. Since then, the company's products have been exported smoothly, and there has been no return.

        Shuyang County is the city’s largest wood product export county, and it takes an hour’s drive from Suqian City. The county’s export enterprises account for about 60% of the city’s total, and exports account for about 50%. After understanding the long-distance application of enterprises and the inconvenience of customs clearance, the Suqian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau set up inspection and quarantine work stations in Shuyang County to facilitate enterprises to apply for inspection locally and nearby. Since the site started operation last year, a total of 5,769 batches of board export inspections have been accepted, with a value of 316 million U.S. dollars, which has reduced transportation expenditures by more than 500,000 yuan for more than 110 companies and greatly saved customs clearance time.

        In order to further improve product quality and expand export influence, Suqian Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, guided by establishing brand advantages and enhancing industrial cohesion, organizes export enterprises in the jurisdiction to visit and learn from the national export plywood quality and safety demonstration zone in Pizhou, Jiangsu, and promote local governments to actively carry out exports. Plywood-Medium Density Fiberboard Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone was created to encourage enterprises to improve production and processing technology, and improve product quality, safety and grade. On January 20 this year, Shuyang County Plywood-Medium Density Fiberboard Export Municipal Quality and Safety Demonstration Zone was inaugurated and established. This is The first export quality and safety demonstration zone in Suqian City.

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