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        Wood-based panels need to rely on "quality" endorsement

        Time: 2020-11-03

        [China Flooring Network] News

        A few days ago, the General Office of the Ministry of Environmental Protection of the People's Republic of China issued the "Letter on Providing Comprehensive Environmental Protection Directory (2015 Edition)". The new version of the directory lists wood-based panel products as "high-pollution, high-environment-risk" products and makes exclusionary adjustments. This move has caused widespread concern and heated discussion in the wood-based panel industry. The adjustment of the list shows that my country's wood-based panel industry is developing and improving, and it is relying on "quality" as the endorsement.

        "Medium-density fiberboard products that meet the designated national standard and environmental labeling of wood-based panel products (in accordance with GB/T11718-2009) production standards" "Meet the "Limits of Formaldehyde Release in Interior Decoration Materials and Wood-based Panels and Products" (GB18580-2001) Medium formaldehyde emission limit E1 standards and particleboard and plywood products that meet the "Technical Requirements for Environmental Labeling Products, Wood-based Panels and Products" (HJ571-2010) standards" are no longer included in the "High Pollution, High Environmental Risk" product catalog, which has achieved China With the leap-forward development of the wood-based panel industry, the overall level of the wood-based panel industry will be improved.

        For large-scale wood-based panel manufacturers, the equipment configuration, production process, and product quality have reached or approached the world’s advanced level. However, due to the uneven configuration and management level of my country’s wood-based panel production lines, some manufacturers’ pollutants exceeded standards and even seriously Exceeding emissions is also an indisputable fact, which undoubtedly has a negative impact on the wood-based panel industry. However, we must also clearly see the development of the wood-based panel industry. my country’s wood-based panel production, consumption, and import and export volume have been ranked first in the world for many years, and it has a major influence in the global wood-based panel industry. "Quality" interprets "Made in China".

        The production of wood-based panels is one of the main ways to comprehensively utilize and efficiently utilize wood resources. 1 cubic meter of wood-based panels can replace 3 cubic meters of logs. The wood-based panel industry can effectively promote the construction of artificial fast-growing and high-yield timber forest bases, effectively alleviating the pressure of economic and social development on the rigid demand for timber, and alleviating the contradiction between timber supply and demand. It has advantages in the protection of natural forest resources, sustainable use of forest resources, and the development of circular economy strategies. important position. At the same time, the wood-based panel industry is of great significance to building a resource-saving and environment-friendly society and promoting the harmonious development of man and nature. Therefore, "quality" is the foundation of the wood-based panel industry.

        At present, my country's economic development has entered a new normal state of shifting from high-speed growth to medium- and high-speed growth, from extensive growth of scale and speed to intensive growth of quality and efficiency, and from factor investment driven to innovation driven. my country's wood-based panel industry is also in a transitional period. Improving the level of science and technology, paying close attention to product quality, enhancing brand awareness, increasing the product's right to speak in international trade, and striving to expand dominance are the current direction of my country's wood-based panel industry. The wood-based panel industry has become one of the pillars of my country's forestry industry and an integral part of my country's real economy. Although the wood-based panel industry does not account for a high proportion of GDP, the rapid development of the wood-based panel industry has played a huge role in improving the comprehensive utilization of wood, developing a circular economy, protecting natural forest projects, and playing a huge role in my country’s economic construction. There is no doubt that the core and key issue of the development of my country's wood-based panel industry is still the "quality" issue in the final analysis.

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