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        What is melamine board

        Time: 2020-11-03

        Nanjing Leibert Xiangshi Wood Industry pointed out: When melamine board is so popular now, there are still many consumers who don't understand melamine board. For example, what is melamine board? Is melamine board toxic? There are still many questions like this. Let's go with the editor to understand what is a melamine board.

        Melamine board is actually a commonly used board in the home improvement and building materials industry. This kind of melamine board has excellent water resistance and is widely used in home decoration. The abbreviation of melamine board is melamine board, the English name is MFC (MELANINE FACE HIPBOARD), the full name is melamine impregnated adhesive film paper veneer wood-based panel.

        The specific operation process of the melamine board is: first put the decorative paper of different textures and colors into the melamine resin adhesive and soak it, and then wait for it to dry to a certain degree of curing, and then pave it on the particle board, moisture-proof board, medium density fiberboard The surface of hard fiberboard is made of melamine board by hot pressing. In the production process of melamine eco-board, one group is composed of several layers of facing paper, and the purpose is also specified according to the quantity.

        What is melamine board

        Is melamine board poisonous?

        Melamine board is non-toxic, so you can use it with confidence. However, some boards whose quality is not up to standard are toxic. Because the chemicals released by the melamine board are mainly formaldehyde. Everyone knows that formaldehyde is toxic and has great harm to the human body. Therefore, when we are purchasing plates, we must see the product inspection report provided by the manufacturer and the product's own grade standard. Therefore, the melamine board is only relatively toxic.

        The quality of melamine board is generally better. The surface is very flat, easy to clean, without unevenness, and looks very good in appearance. Because when the melamine board is spread on other boards, the coefficient of expansion on both sides of the board is the same. In addition, this kind of board is very wear-resistant, its price is not high, and it is very affordable. The performance of this board is also good, and the desired pattern can be easily created. This kind of board has good corrosion resistance, and ordinary acid, alkali and other solvents cannot damage it.

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        Hot keywords: 409-1 Oak | 509 white wood grain | 0904-5 walnut | 0904-5 walnut | 8226-1 | FM White Oak | Paraguayan Oak | 

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