Consulting and Advocacy Services

For many parents, navigating the special education arena requires individualized support and close collaboration with those who can lead the way.  Education Navigation can help.

We partner with you to address your child's individual needs by helping you prepare for IEP meetings, interpret evaluation reports, and assist with transition planning ... just to name a few. 

Whether your child is 6-years old or starting high school, was recently diagnosed or has been in special education for several years, your child and your needs are unique.

We meet you where you are in the process, address your immediate needs, and help you prepare for what comes next.


Service Options

Introductory Consultations

60-minute individual consultation with a Navigator.

Basic Navigator Support

3-hour suite of consulting and advocacy support services with a "dedicated Navigator".

Extended Navigator Support Subscription

A suite of consulting and advocacy support services that includes 3-hours with a "dedicated Navigator" and a review of your child's Evaluation Report, IEP, and/or 504.